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A few words about the directors

A few words about the directors

Joshua Holscher is a director of Holscher and Olivier Properties Ltd. , a family run business based in the UK. The directors previously worked in the property industry in South Africa for over 30 years, in which they dealt with large developments such as hotel construction, property redevelopments and also invested in apartment complexes for residential purposes. 


We currently specialise in serviced accommodation, buy-to-let and also deal with sourcing properties for investors. We work with investors to create win-win situations with various other property strategies, hence our collaboration with Heartstone Properties in creating Ritual Stays. 


Our goal with Ritual Stays is to provide not only a comfortable night's sleep but an experience. We ensure that each and every property is as comfortable as possible while displaying high class with all the top-end amenities. 


Joshua is a keen entrepreneur and loves getting involved in different business ventures. 

Please feel free to contact him by filling in your contact details below.

Joshua Holscher
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